Nice things people say ...

about what we do

  1. I thought it all extraordinary, and can't stop telling everyone I know about it! ... there's nothing like it anywhere on the planet!
    Don Share
  2. A space opened up for a genuine exchange of ideas, and with it a kind of heady freedom. I honestly thought when I woke up this morning that if we could encourage more people to read and write poetry the world really would be different.
    Jacqueline Saphra
  3. I honestly don't think there is anything that could be done to make things at the poetry festival better for me because I have a great time there as it is and everyone is so friendly.  It would be nice if any of the poets had audio versions of their work, it would be nice if it were available for sale along with their print books but I really can't think of anything else
    Lisa Kennet
  4. One of the loveliest events I've read at - such a warm and responsive audience and a buzzing, intellectual atmosphere. Luke Kennard (The Harbour Beyond the Movie, Salt.
    Luke Kennard
  5. What a terrific show you and Maurice put on! I really enjoyed myself. A fantastic poetry festival, one of the best I've ever been to. I was very impressed by the level of poetic sophistication and commitment in the workshop, their willingness to go out on a limb and take chances with creating poems by chance operations; not many writers would have entered this kind of word-play with such open-mindedness. A great privilege to have been one of the guest poets.
    Robert Vas Dias
  6. Just back from my visit to part of the Poetry Swindon Festival, which I recommend highly. It's exceptionally friendly, with some fascinating venues, including farms and railway carriages! (I'm happy to say that in the latter, only the poems were moving..) Thank you to all the organisers, including Louise Crossley and Hilda Sheehan. Excellent readings from (amongst many!) Jo Bell, David Clarke, Jennie Farley, Alan Buckley, Sally Evans, Lesley Ingram and Kei Miller. Hope the sun continues to shine for the rest of the Festival!"
    Alison Brackenbury
  7. The friendliest and least pretentious; rich, diverse, and encompassing; pushing past conventional views of poetry in the twenty-first century; intimately global; startlingly fresh. Robert Peake, Poet and organiser of Transatlantic Poetry.
    Robert Peake